Your home is arguably the largest single purchase you’re likely to make in your lifetime

Your home is arguably the largest single purchase you’re likely to make in your lifetime

Your Trusted Mortgage Company

The mortgage company you choose for your Salt Lake City home loan can affect your financial well-being for decades. Selecting the right mortgage loan for your needs is the first step toward realizing your homeownership goals.

Unfortunately, Utah mortgages are complex and potentially confusing for even experienced borrowers. For help navigating this challenging process, call on Altius Mortgage, Salt Lake City’s preferred home loan expert.

What Our Clients Say

Very easy re-fi. Was kept updated daily, completely informed and extra research was done by our agent to get the best price on every detail. Only twelve days from start to finish. We have financed eight homes over the years and this was the easiest and best experience.

It was a pleasure to work with them. They always answered my questions and I had a lot as I’m an aspiring investor. They found me a super low rate which saved me about $200 dollars a month. They were patient with me until I got my upgrade repairs on my house and ended up refinancing out of mortgage insurance!

So happy with our experience! We’ve used them for years! Very prompt and courteous. Make sure to ask for Neil Bingham!!

They made the process incredibly easy. Everything was explained in detail and they were quick to answer any questions I had. So much better than my first home buying experience. I highly recommend using these guys.

We love Altius Mortgage because of the freedom it gives us to run our team on our own terms. We build our business the way we want too, with amazing support and resources from the owners of the company and their support staff. Altius is the perfect fit for us!

Worked with Gerry Weber to refinance our home. He was great! Thanks for helping our family out to Altius Mortgage Group!

Choosing the Right Mortgage Loan for You

The home loan program you select can influence your ability to make your payments consistently and it can even affect how quickly you build equity in the property. Your options include purchase and refinance loans, construction and home improvement loans, second and reverse mortgages. For a home purchase, you can choose from conventional loans and government-backed loans, such as FHA, USDA and VA programs.

You may also have the opportunity to choose the term of your loan (for example, 15, 20 or 30 years), the interest rate structure, the amount of your down payment and the terms under which you can repay your loan.

Simplifying the Application Process for Mortgages in Utah

Despite what you may have heard or experienced, applying for a Salt Lake City mortgage does not have to be overwhelming or time-consuming.

In the past, Utah mortgage companies required potential borrowers to assemble and submit reams of documents, including months or years of bank statements, old tax returns, W-2s, pay stubs and wage statements. Potential borrowers were presented with a laundry list of forms and information their lender required to issue a pre-approval. Later in the loan approval process, borrowers had to provide even more documents and information before obtaining final loan approval.

Altius Mortgage recognized that this arduous process presented a challenge for many home buyers, even discouraging some from further pursuing their goal of owning their own home. For that reason, we streamlined our processes with the goal of making the application process as simple as possible.

Our online application process is simple and straightforward, allowing you to obtain a pre-qualification in as little as 10 minutes from the time you start.Our online application allows you to provide your information on your own schedule, from the comfort and privacy of your own home – or anywhere you have access to a computer.

Obtaining Quick Mortgage Loan Approval

Whether you prefer to obtain a pre-approval or if you would like to skip this step and proceed directly to a full loan application, the process is easy when you have an experienced advocate to assist you with your mortgage. Utah home loans can take weeks or months to close but, when you work with a team of experts, they don’t have to.

In a robust real estate market, the ability to close quickly can provide an advantage when you’re shopping for your dream home. And that’s why, at Altius, we obtain loan approval and close many Salt Lake City mortgages in as little as 30 days.

The key to expediting the loan approval process is proactive communication between the borrower and an experienced mortgage broker. You need answers to your questions and a clear understanding of the process. When you choose a mortgage broker who specializes in this level of service, you will never have to wait for days, in silence, wondering what’s happening with your loan application.

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Selecting a Salt Lake City Mortgage Broker

Choosing a mortgage company in Utah can be almost as daunting as the application and approval process seems. When you’re comparing your options, look for a mortgage brokerage that:

  • Lets you choose from a wide array of home loan programs
  • Provides a variety of educational resources and helpful information
  • Facilitates the loan application and approval process
  • Is dedicated to finding the ideal loan program and best rates for you
  • Has exceptional customer reviews and testimonials from past clients

Altius Mortgage is dedicated to your success and satisfaction, whatever your real estate finance goals may be. We understand how important it is to provide the best loan programs and rates, so you can select a mortgage loan that truly fits your needs. Our highly trained Utah mortgage lending experts will answer your questions, explain all your options and assist you through every step of the process.

To learn more about your options for mortgages in Salt Lake City, contact Altius Mortgage to schedule a personalized consultation. We pride ourselves on taking the guesswork out of the home loan process. Once you experience our exceptional service and commitment to customer satisfaction, you’ll understand why we are the preferred mortgage company in Salt Lake City.

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